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Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
the rain. the north and san rosa is getting some pretty good rain. it is moving into san revell in san francisco. everyone will be getting wet. let's start our team coverage with jackie sissel who is live on the richmond san revell bridge this morning. you may already feel the wind >> i'm tempting fate out here. i have not put the rain cover on the camera. i am on the richmond stammer fell bridge and you can see the flag being blown around out here. there has not been a wind advisory issued year but there is what kind of bay area are wide right now. you can almost feel rain in the air right now. it feels like it is really close to letting loose out here. it doesn't rise as i got out here this morning but it looks like it is getting close. >> it has mainly been sticking in the north bay. you could see all the communities north of the golden gate bridge. when heavy rain is expected to hit portions of the north bay it looks like there are fell in the have a yellow of a scramble pushed around right around 613. brace yourselves, heavy rain is coming in the next 10 minutes or so. piquanc
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
nuevos detalles sobre el accidente que cobr la vida de jenni rivera.. blanca ---asi es, hoy se revel que la diva de la banda planeaba comprar la aeronave donde viajaba y que el piloto no estaba autorizado para volar de noche. take 2 box ---mayra tostado nos amplia.. cuentanos mayra.. 0:01 0:09 1:22 intro ---asi es, un empresario mexicano dice que la aeronave learjet 25 estaba en excelentes condiciones y que el accidente pudo haber sido provocado por el piloto.. take pkg jenni rivera pensaba comprar la aeronave en la que viajaba el pasado domingo y que se accident en el estado mexicano de nuevo len, acabando con su vida y la de otras 6 personas. esta revelacion la hizo hoy el empresario, christian esquino, quien asegura que la aeronave no presentaba problemas y que el piloto de 78 aÑos de edad, pudo haber sufrido un ataque al corazon y el copiloto inexperto de tan solo 20 aÑos, no pudo manejar la emergencia. algo mas preocupante es que el piloto no estaba autorizado para volar de noche ni para llevar pasajeros... asi lo revel un documento de la administracin federal de aviacin de estado
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm PST
. revelers were treated to fireworks shooting off the second tallest building in the world. >>> preparations are in the works for san francisco. allie rasmus joins us with the party plans that include a lot of fireworks and safety measures being put in place right now. >> reporter: the crowd control barricades are right in front of us, stacked up and ready to go at the embarcadero ahead of the big fireworks display in san francisco. pyrotechnics stuffed packets of gun powder into these plastic shelves. the preparations here were spread out across two barges docked at pier 250. >> there's hundreds of shells. >> reporter: 12 hours from now, they will unleash a shell of colors for the new year's eve fireworks celebration. >> the 15-minute show is carefully planned and electronically timed. >> the shells are timed every time they are supposed to go off. >> reporter: this is video from last year. this year is expected to be just as big with more than 4500 different shots of dazzling lights in effect. 250,000 people came to the embarcadero to watch the fireworks last year but with clear skies and
Dec 5, 2012 6:30pm PST
to ban them now? >> because of the terrible revelations we have had about far-right wing terrorists operating out of eastern germany. you mentioned they killed 10 people, including nine members of the immigrant community. racial hatred was certainly their motive. there are revelations or allegations of links to the npd in the person of a former npd spokesman in tan eastern german state. he will be facing charges of aiding and abetting the murder spree, those nine killings. the link between the political party in a terrorist cell was a signal -- the political party and the terrorist cell was a signal that the party is too violent and must be banned. >> how do germans feel about it? >> it will be a long road until we get 1. >> thank you for joining us. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has arrived in berlin, where he is expected to face criticism for his plans to expand settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. before then, he stopped off in the czech republic. >> prague was the only government to vote no on the palestinian bid to gain non- member status. >> chancel
Dec 13, 2012 11:35pm PST
of some authenticity. back in the 1950s, after revelations that contestants on popular quiz shows were secretly given the answers, congress held hearings and made it illegal to rig quiz shows. >> i don't think it's our style. >> reporter: nobody alleges the level of manipulation on today's reality shows is anywhere near that, and legal experts we spoke with don't think the producers of "storage wars" are in danger of any criminal charges. >> i'm not sure that this is really a contest with a prize. they get to buy a locker full of stuff and sometimes there might be a jewel in there, but that's not necessarily a prize from the sponsor. >> it's very important for the producers of this program to have a relationship with the audience that makes them believe that what they're seeing is real. and if this can be annihilated, not only in a legal court but in the court of public opinion, it can undermine the ratings greatly. >> reporter: which is why at least one observer tonight is advising that a&e that whether the mogul's allegations are true important. >> reporter: thank you, dan. comi
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am PST
however the reds in san revell bridge is picking up some light showers. you will need to use your windshield wipers. in the east shore freeway it is reading richmond on the berkeley but all is good at the bay bridge toll plaza. the peninsula has light rain for the bayshore freeway palo alto redwood city currently dry for a sunnyvale and cupertino. the zooming in on the south bay, light rain on highway 1 01. right around 87 dry with extra caution. i don't think flooding on the roadways will be that big of a concern because this is not a very moist system. it is bringing a lot of " cool air into the bay area so we will see cool conditions. we have a lot of instability in the air and what that means is we have a chance for a pop-up thunderstorm. we could see lightning, small hail could be produced. later on this afternoon expect temperatures in the mid-50s. we a lot of changes to talk about a year expect that extended forecast and i will tell you what to expect coming up in my full forecast. >> it has been raining but there's still no major hot spots or accidents out there. give your
Dec 15, 2012 2:00pm EST
and with good reason -- as john Ñ lewis gaddis pointed out these  revelations came not in the 40s 1939. the assistant secretary of çÑ state, nothing was done. in 1939, that was ignored at th time in the soviet atmosphere, no one wanted to hear such things. there was misrepresentation when the case surfaced almost a decade later. this made him extremely pessimistic and there's a kind  of pervasive sense of doom in ñ the final chapters of "witness" which was personal. a suicide attempt had been mentioned. fortunately did not succeed but also societal. the free world was doomed. the wheat -- one of the reasons he thought that was he believed people in the government, that people would do nothing about it. he was right in this respect, it is hard to gauge, but he himself was in considerable peril. when he made the revelations he did, went before the house w committee in 1948, testified in public, things that he had said imply long before the fbi, the fbi knew this in 1945, everything chambers said -- we have those records that show that. no one would do anything about
Dec 21, 2012 3:00pm PST
world." >> it is from the revelation of truth that all else follows. our buildings can only be as tall as their bricks are strong. our civilization is only as strong as its ideas are true. my work will not be cowed. but why this -- while this investigation continues and the australian government will not defend the journalism of punishment of wikileaks, i must remain here. however, the door is open and the door has always been open for anyone who wishes to speak to me. like you, i have not been charged with a crime. >> in colorado, a group representing major oil and gas companies has filed a lawsuit against the city of longmont's's ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. longmont residents made theirs the person in colorado to ban fracking last month in an overwhelming vote. but the colorado oil and gas association is seeking to challenge the ban in court, saying voters have no right to impose it. speaking to the new york times, the longmont fracking opponent called a lawsuit and never to " undermine a democratic vote in order to put a dangerous industrial activity next to homes
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am EST
today. >>> today hundreds of thousands of revelers will bring in the new year in the big apple. the eyes of the world focus on the celebration happening today in times square. organizers have been planning all year for the ball drop. nbc's wendy gillette is live in times square with the growing excitement. good morning, wendy. >> reporter: good morning, erika. as you can see, it's very quiet here in times square. the traffic is still flowing. we're at 48th street and 7th avenue standing next to one of the many barricades here in times square that will be used to control the crowds that start showing up in a couple of hours. this year, will crowds will see something different. the crystal ball will have 288 new panels. they'll be adorned with doves befitting of the theme this year, let there be peace. there will be one engraved in the name of dick clark. of course the late host died in april. he hosted his new year's eve show here in times square since 1974. a part of him will be here in times square when the ball drops. a lot of the things, though, that they will see are of course the sa
Dec 7, 2012 3:40am PST
led to revelation of the affair between petraeus and broadwell. they're saying look -- she is angry, lampooned by the press, lampooned by "saturday night live." she wants to get her story out there to sit the record straight. instead of doing a tv interview, she wants to do a book, tell the story, get her side out there. sometime next year expect the jill kelley book. no one is shocked by this news. >> i am thoroughly shocked. >> where there is scandal there is money to be made. we know that game. >>> so martha stewart -- >> martha. >> yes. martha apparently had a case of salmonella over the holidays -- over thanksgiving, she tells "the new york post" page six. it forced her to cancel appearances, meetings. on page six she said, quote, i never get sick. came down with salmonella. i think i caught it handling so many turkeys around thanksgiving. she said the plus was that she lost a little bit of weight, but she was in bed for days and it was terrible. >> terrible. >> terrible. >> she survived prison food, but the turkey did her in. life is tough for martha. >>> we want to extend our
Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
times a month, 60-70%. an amazing number. something a revelation to me. in 2005-06, i was on a panel in tenderloin. there was an elderly chinese woman in the room. the third person to speak with the police officer. he said, how many people in this room can understand what i am saying? four people raised their hand. we had been certain there for 25 minutes. people are polite. 40% of seniors will not hear what you're saying. just because we are communicating does not mean people are hearing. the last thing, i urge you to bring this to the long-term care coordinating council. housing is not on the five-year plan. we asked them to be on it. what are the priorities for seniors and people with disabilities? sro housing needs to be there. i urge to reach out to that important planning table as well. >> chair: thank you everyone for your ongoing effort. we look forward to working with you to move the settings forward in the future. we are now adjourned for a 10 minute break. we will return. thank you. >> >> >> >> chair: you are back with the mayor's disability council friday, november
Dec 29, 2012 11:30pm EST
for the high-profile fights against global warming the keystone oil pipeline, and new revelations of a coal-fired plant. jackson is expected to step down as president obama has a state of the union address. >> the president of the nra is weighing in on david gregory and his decision to put a high capacity ammunition clip on meet the press, which also caught the attention of d.c. police. >> there are two lessons don't ask the government what is legal and what is not legal because half the people don't know, and second that is a silly felony. >> it is illegal to have the high ammunition high capacity ammunition clip in the district. they say the incident demonstrates how outdated some gun laws are. a local man who has spent years on death row could soon be out of prison. >> the case has been ongoing for years, and now his mother says finally her son could soon be free. our northern virginia bureau chief has more on the newfound hope for the family. >> he has missed the last putt 12 christmases. >> this time, terry steinberg hopes that her son, who has sat in solitary confinement on death
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm EST
shut it out, do you allow yourself to sort or revel in it? what's your method? >> well, i do not think you allow yourself to revel in it, but i think for all of us who are involved in this project, it was such a massive labor of love. even if it doesn't get any nominations, just the fact that there is buzz around it means that you've done a good job. it means that people are appreciating the work. i think given particularly with this project, because there is this whole kind of theatrical conceit behind it, none of us knew whether we were going to pull it off. it really was frightening along the way. so the fact that it is come to this point and people are really kind of quite buzzy about it, and that it is getting mentioned in the same sentence as oscar nominations is fabulous. if we got some, that would be even better, but just this bit is great. tavis: thank you for coming on. >> pleasure. tavis: i appreciate it. i've enjoyed this immensely, and you do not know what the next project is, but when you figure that out, you want to come back, you are welcome back any time. >> awesome. t
Dec 31, 2012 5:30pm EST
2013. >> make them and break them, seems to be the theme of many new year revelers. find out how to use your smartphone to keep those resolutions. steps a dad took to save his new daughter's life coming up. >>> all right. check out maryland's most powerful radar on this last evening of 2012. all sweeps scan clear. just a little bit of verga. dry in baltimore. we gear up for the big new year's eve celebration, kicking off the fireworks. 40 degrees with a light southwesterly breeze. the days are short. sunset is 4:54. weather in motion across the area today. parksville, cloudy, just about all day. of course, kids enjoying a couple more days. parksville middle. havre de grace, yeah, kind of a gray day on president susquehanna but no precipitation staying dry in towson as well here at loch raven tech. on the whole, a decent finish to the day. a few gusts of 15. temperature wise comfortable, temperatures hovering in the upper 30s. radar a little more active up toward pittsburgh and southeastern ohio. there are snow showers in that direction. in fact, we could see a few showers around her
Dec 31, 2012 2:30pm PST
display. 7 tons of gunpowder bait. the bridge in light for more than 1 million revelers. along with fireworks, they had a traditional bell ringing ceremony. even north korea accepts they cannot stop the passage of time. they clearly have money to burn in 2013. celebrations may be winding down in asia, berlin is still warming up in anticipation of the midnight hour. the biggest parties will be in front of the brandenburg gate with a 1 million people expected and a lavish pyrotechnic display lighting up the german capital. >> the prime minister of samoa was among the first to welcome in the new year. last year, they catapulted themselves across the international date line by setting their clock 24 hours forward. >> citizens in venezuela are less happy as new year's approaches. they have called off public new year's eve after the government said the cancer stricken president hugo chavez had taken a turn for the worse. >> the streets of caracas were quiet as the newspapers said he had had respiratory issues up for his fourth cancer operation. >> the mood was somber at this press confere
Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
: inspired by the revelation, jack built his stockpile at every flee market, thrift store across different states. they sell for $12 to $50 a piece. >> the more colorful, the more action, the more eye popping. that's hour definition of ugly. >> reporter: he's shipping out sweaters at a pace of 40 a day. >> there were moments, i suppose i was concerned there was more stock than we would get rid of and i would never get my basement back. >> reporter: maybe you won't. jack graduates from high school in a few months and you can't do this in a dorm. >> for all you ladies we've been talking about on facebook, now you know where to get rid of all those ugly christmas sweaters. >>> normally they risk their lives running into burning buildings. >> how some firefighters are saving lives in a very different way.
Dec 24, 2012 11:35pm PST
the studio to get it green lighted. another revelation, the flag pole scene. >> stick my tongue to the pole is dumb. >> reporter: as a child actor on that film i would think i would be tempted to put my tongue to the flag pole. did you do it? >> fortunately prior to that i hadn't and that movie as a person to never do that that's true. >> that was a fake pole. and they had a tiny hole in it that was sucking air in it. >> i can't put my arms out. . >> put your arms down when you get to school. >> reporter: the kid who plays your brother he sounded so realistic. you said they were probably real tears. >> that suit was hot and that slide was scary to go down. >> reporter: on stage the new ralphie isn't blond but clark has the look down. >> it's my scared face like -- >> reporter: and boy, can he sing. >> ♪ ralphie to the rescue >> reporter: on the opening night of the performance, seattle's fifth avenue theater crowded with adults. >> i have loved this movie for eons, decades. >> before the curtain opened it said "a christmas story" and it is the same music. boy, this has come a lon
Dec 9, 2012 12:00am EST
absolute revelation. i did think i knew about the american revolution or go to discover the content of the american revolution -- revolution was you know, you don't mention snooki in the book but the thought of while we know that? how did that escape history and you start out knowing that new jersey, you could see the entire revolution from the empire state-building? >> someone reminded the other day, and i forgot all about this. 11 oregon for a lot of the '90s. my family and i, but before i went to oregon i used to go and have lunch all the time atop the empire state-building. i remember i was very happy after he wrote the rats book. budget guys who are churck guides at the empire state-building gave me free passes to the top and now is great. i used to have lunch up there and you know kind of obvious but it's a great view. >> really? >> really, really good view. i remember as a kid reading about lincoln, abe lincoln and him saying no, this is where it all happened. he was just trying to get votes in jersey i'm sure, but he kept saying i know that reading all about the war when i was
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am PST
will rain down on revellers and this year, well, a special tribute to dick clark. anna kooiman is in new york city with more details about dick clark and the celebration. >> we're out here on the plaza and hoping for better weather on monday night, kelly, everybody at home is going to be watching on monday night. and the preps are underway for the biggest new years eve party in the world here in the big apple. earlier today, officials with the times square alliance tested out the confetti, throwing it out of the window on unsuspecting people on the street. more than a million revellers watching the ball drop and the 2013 sign is situated on top of one times square, it's several feet tall. after decades of dick clark ringing in the new year, until be the first after his death. and we spoke with his wife, carrie clark. >> dick always thought of this as show biz and he did his job, the countdown and always was excited about it, always enthusiastic, like i said before, he didn't ever think, oh, no, it's just another new year's eve. every new year's eve was special. >> in fact and fox
Dec 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
. then it looks great for new year's eve. revellers. >> dan: you will be wrong of them. >> i revel but i be careful. >> a holiday hero, they save a woman from drowning and what his wife has to say about the daring drive. >> carolyn: and 6'3" santa claus makes. >> those headlights heading towards san francisco. it's really ticky out. you can see it's kind of slow going. stay with us. "abc 7 news" at 4:00 continues right after this. >> dan: jack klugman, acted for and regular guy who was loved by millions of people has died. he was the messy one in tvs the odd couple. he played the crime fighting coroner in quincy. great show. he lost thinks throat voice to throat cancer and trained himself to speak again. he was with his family and exact cause of death is not known. his son says his father had a great life and he enjoyed every moment of it he was 90 years old. >> carolyn: a police officer is being called a hero after rescuing a drowning woman in new england. he did it under the worst conditions. >> reporter: it's protect and serve to whole new level. [ siren ] >> reporter: this cell
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 4:00pm PST
revelers will be watching the ball drop on monday and a billion more will be watching from home. the 2013 sign is situated on top of one time square and harris it is seven feet tall. as far as those people who are out there dreading 201 throughy and thinking it is something that will be bringing them bad luck for the year, no need to fear. there are good luck charms attached to the 13 that will be dropping along with the ball in time square. >> awesome. you know, growing up there was one person who was always there for new year's eve. and of course we will be without that person this year. >> that's right. dick clark is who you are referring to. four decades he was a part of the celebration for many americans. it is not going to be the same this 2013, but there will be a special tribute to him and a special waterford crystal with his nam engraved will be in the ball that will be dropping on monday night. we l speak with his wife, carrie clark, who says she remembers watching the weather report this time of year since she knew she would be outside for so many hours with him. she
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
started it off. revellers marked a spiritual there is no pig better party on new year's eve than in time's square. >> reporter: new york cityor revellers wearing k plastic glasses spelling out 201.out >> i love the energy. >> i always watch it on tv, never been here. >> reporter: parliament of a record breaking 52 -- part of aa record breaking 52 million visitors to new york city. >> we're from hamilton, georgiag whoo! >> reporter: and they arete r:bundling up in order to beat o rdnear freezing >> lot of clothing and >> reporter: organizers areare expecting a million people toto crawl into the cross roads of the world. >> three, two, one. happy new year! >> practicing confetti drops, testing the multicolored paper shreds, and hoisting the waterford crystal ball high above times square, all set to make its descent in the momentso before covered with more than 26002600 crystal triangles and lit up by 32,000 colored l.e.d. lights. this year, tucked inside, there's a tribute to the latelae dick clark, and name synonymous with the celebra
Dec 8, 2012 6:00pm PST
. sean moffat was almost the revelers from the haight as burly district. his relatives are offering a $25,000 reward. >> two women suspected of stealing a credit card in sausolito have been caught on tape. this is a pike tower -- picture of the women at cvs in mill valley temp police say the stole the car in halloween. the women get into what appears to be a black toyota suv. the owner quickly cancelled the car but officers believe the have toes could still be active in the area. >> police and security patrols are being expanded in the east bay to help fight burglaries and other crimes. reporter: hospital claire villages sits at the foot of the oakland hills. a usually quiet area that is seeing a rise in crime. he has owned a store for eight years. >> we had break-ins and robberies, had people that attacked and take the purses. >> help is on the way. security agents from bay alarm will patrol the area in an effort to help the oakland police department which is understaffed. the company will respond to calls from existing customers and any other merchant. montclair resident says more s
Dec 14, 2012 5:30am PST
respect that and we understand this is an ancillary job and there is a high revel of rotation of people coming back from afghanistan or iraq, whatever the case may be, but we also reach out to squadron level training. it really comes down to meeting with your cooperating agencies and training together on a frequent basis and having good and open dialogue. >> as i look back at that map here, knowing we were heading into that time of year where we're going to hit significant fire weather and knowing northern california as we are now but eventually southern california, one of the most effective ways to stop the fires from growing is that initial attack, which means we need to be able to quickly put resources up in the air and move them. i guess my question is from a national guard perspective, from a naval perspective, with the helicopter resources down there, do you feel you would be able to quickly move those resources and you have the agreements in place. we'll start with the national guard and work on our way down. >> although we're advertised as a one week a month and two weeke
Dec 7, 2012 12:35am PST
, reveling in their own hero moment. i'm matt gutman for "nightline", going pro in nicaragua. >> he did it. that was excellent. our thanks to matt gutman for that hardship duty assignment. >>> just ahead, god save the corgis. the royal dog whisperer shows us how he keeps the queen's canine entourage in check. [ lopez ] when i first started working, i put away money. i was 21, so i said, "hmm, i want to retire at 55." and before you know it, i'm 58 years old. time went by very fast. it goes by too, too fast. ♪ but i would do it again in a heartbeat. [ laughs ] ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪ ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm PST
he was not acting alone and there could be more revelations. >> all of the investigations being done behind closed doors. journalists have never been told of the contents of the reports of the commission of cardinals to did a much more in-depth investigation. until we see that documentation, i do not think anyone will be convinced that this is the end of the story. >> the people pardon was expected before christmas. now it depends on a new year free of further stempel. it may be duly and optimistic rigidly optimistic. >> >> columbine, virginia tech. >> celebrations in spain and commiseration. what it is like to be the only lottery loser in the village. >> welcome to the world's weather. across south america and you can see some very big showers going up to paraguay and into bolivia and also peru. we would like to see heavy rain during the course of sunday. the main concentration remained in northwestern part of brazil going toward ecuador. as you come southward of argentina, it is one are to showers likely. we might see some rain pushing up from the southwest during the latter part o
Dec 31, 2012 11:00am PST
help partiers and revelers get where they need to go tonight safely. if you want to plan ahead for your trip into the city go to and on see it on tv. happy new year, be safely. live in san francisco, sue thompson, abc7 news. >>> secretary of state clinton will spend her new year's eve in the hospital being treated for a blood clot. doctors discovered that clot during a follow-up exam. the secretary received a concussion when she feigned and fell this month while recovering from stomach flu. doctors say she will be in the hospital for observation at least two more day. they are going to evaluate her later to determine if she needs more tests she has been forced to cancel a trip to the mideast and north africa for next week. >>> doing a good deed while getting a tax break. how you can help your bay area neighbors in need and snag freebies. >>> partying in the land downunder. we'll show you >>> there's a new year's eve party already underway and you're invited. designed to get you a tax write-off and other goodies for helping bay area neighbors in need. amy hollyfield is
Dec 31, 2012 2:00am PST
revelers are expected to gather in new york's times square to ring in the new year. as with any high-profile gathering of this size security is on high alert to make sure tonight's massive event goes off without a hitch. we go live to times square with more on the preparations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. still very quiet here in times square. the traffic is flowing we're at 48th street and 7th avenue standing next to one of many barricades that will be used to control the crowds that will start showing up in a couple of hours. more than 2,000 pounds of confetti are in place. ready to be thrown out by hand from buildings in times square at midnight. >> i've seen it at tv. it looks like so much fun. >> it's magic. everybody in the world wants to dome new york for new year's. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands will usher in the new year. they will see the waterford crystal ball drop down the flagpole high above times square light up the 2013 sign. this year's ball will have 288 new panels engraved with do was befitting of the theme let there be peace. one of the panels was
Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm PST
---ademas, revel que las puertas de los salones de clases en "sandy hook" se cierran desde afuera y que deben cerrarse desde adentro para aumentar la seguridad de los niÑos. cesar ---miles de archivos ineditos sobre voluntarios y empleados de los "boy scouts" acusados de cometer abusos contra cientos de menores de edad, fueron difundidos el dia de hoy take vo ---el diario "los angeles times" public los archivos que muestran numerosas sospechas y denuncias de abusos de responsables de esta popular organizacin ---la mayora de los sospechosos de abuso sexual fueron expulsados de "boy scouts of america" y muchos de ellos no enfrentaron procesos criminales por dichas violaciones. ---los expedientes corresponden a fechas de 1985 a 1991 junto con otros reportes de dos dcadas atras. cesar el rea de la baha amanecio con ms lluvia y eso preocup a residentes en east palo alto quienes tuvieron que evacuar cuando el arroyo san franscisquito se desbord hace unos das. take 2 box pero las aguas tambin ocasionaron daÑos en negocios en menlo park, y jaime peluff nos trae el reporte... jaime.. 00:01
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
world. hardly a revelation today, but at the time the technology was deion and the idea of revolutionary -- the technology was young and the idea of revolutionary. even earlier, he predicted a paperless society and inflation sharing on a global scale. >> he imagine a world in which the videos could be sent around the world and cultures could interconnect around the globe to communicate better, learn from each other. it is an inspired idea, and he had in 1968. the date of that piece blows my mind. >> he was born in north korea in 1932 -- in korea in 1932. when the north invaded, he and his family fled to japan. but in new york at the epicenter of new technology and ideas, that eventually became his home. and at a time when people were not expected to interact with technology, he invited participation. >> we have his random access, which shows the artist having read -- the constructed a real to real audio decker he invites the audience to interact with the trucks on our own with the device. >> why did he do this? and how is it relevant today? >> he was the first artist to the
Dec 29, 2012 10:00pm EST
day. uring thee festivities, revelers dress in 3 and stage a mock "coup""takk over power in the town until 3 is saiddtoohave first beenn celebratee more than 2-hundred years ago. 3 as tte world beeomes more a viddo anngo viral is millions of people around the or a youug boy comingghome from thh dentist, drugged out of hhssmmnd. as 012 comes to a close, e thought ww'd -3 best viral videos frommthe past year. year. 3 no sccipt available 3 3 the terps get a big game from an unlikely ffeshman..see park....ext in sports unllmited... 3 wwestling alligators. the reeson these zoo keepprs are stealinn eggs 3 3 3 one man is ttking the natiinaa debt on one empty can at a time. pime. 85 year ood garcia 3 cans then turns them in for &pthree years he's collected more than 31 hundred dollaas 33 3we're paying absoluuely too much innerest. too much interest. (reporter: ii really bothers you!) it bothers me 3 3 garcca's money goes here, the bureau of public debt in &pit was establishhd y pho wanted to donate to - ponnrol the debt. the bureau has collected about 90 milliin dollars since t waa firstt op
Dec 6, 2012 11:00am PST
controversial revelation. l: whenirststted wog wn , i really thought that the las were extrely fragile wasn'a ssse,t was abdoor sture l: whenirststted wog wn , and yet, if u look over he i woulveueed that ts ece of land woulha stayesort ofegdeold l i woulveueed that ts ece of land d ye's clearly going backrest. woulha stayesort ofegdeold l this is really a surprise for me. digiatort co bk.almeetnk w giofand beganin ourtoe that geeyoknow, maybe ese systems arnotk w giofand beganin ourtoe as as i had exctedan ifact, ae sot n really a whe no lofeseaors se h hancols to devise development guidelines for ranchers, farmers and foresters. and plan their logging roadsd cut lessestrtively,ctively trwould regrow more quickly areas whehey ha worked. satellite images show why that is so important. here is an area where loggers worked the old-fashioned way when they cu many suounding ees we eangled inhe same nes budozersamaged largereas trying to remo and store e ees. vines were cut from sected trees e year before. narrowccess ads allowed rubber-wheeled skidders to remove just the desired trees with
Dec 8, 2012 5:30pm PST
the movie. the piano is a revelation when you see it like this. in the movie, it's black and white. and here you can see, actually, it was highly painted. >> reporter: now, 70 years after sharing that scene, the piano on the auction block. >> i stand here imagining bogart and bergman, and the glasses of champagne. wilson seated there on the bench. and bogart looking at bergman and saying -- >> here's looking at you, kid. ♪ >> the auction of that comes up next week. >>> that's the broadcast for a saturday night. "good morning america" first thing in the morning. on this first night of hanukkah, happy hanukkah to many of you out there marking the night. good night. >> next at 6:00, breaking news. a fatal shooting in oakland. >>> plus relief in sacramento. hostages freed after a four-hour standoff at a fast food restaurant. >> they're known for their bell ringers and buckets. now one group twheantsz salvation army out. >> ama: one person is dead after a shooting near jack london square in oakland. john alston is live on the scene with the latest. reporter: third street has been bloc
Dec 31, 2012 6:30pm EST
, the ball drop has been tested. the revelers are gathering. it's a celebration new york city style. >> we've got neon trees, carly rae jepsen, taylor swift, jury from univison, the million dollar quartet.trffisau s ts hee president of countdown entertainment. the evening's festivities are part of a public-private partnership between his firm and the city of new york. >> you've got our costs, you've got the cities costs, it's a lot of money, but it's also one of the biggest events in the world. the promotion that new york city gets from times square new year's eve when the world is watching. that's priceless. >> reporter: and, that means lots of eyeballs for marketers. the big sponsors tonight, nivea, toshiba, philips and the ball's maker, waterford. >> first and foremost. this is a civic event and we needed partners who understood that the civic nature is the priority and if we could build there marketing goals into what is the tradition of the event then it works for everybody. >> reporter: tonight's star attraction weighs in at nearly 12,000 pounds, is made up of nearly 27,000 cu
Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm PST
vemos. (risas). ♪. >> licenciado, yo si tengo una preocupación, para cuando daniel revele su verdadera identidad. >> ¿qué preocupación? >> es que antes de que daniel saliera del hospital, la policía necesitaba una declaración de andrés duarte, para poder acusar a leoncio del atentado. >> mm. >> pero cuando se fugó, sospechaban que hubiera atacado a leoncio en venganza, no sé como vamos a hacer con eso, y no sé tampoco si daniel pueda tener algún problema por usurpar otra identidad. >> de entrada hay que averiguar si la policía sigue pensando que daniel tuvo que ver en el atentado de leoncio. >> pues, si quiere yo puedo ir a la delegación y averiguar como están las cosas. >> eso nos ayudaría mucho. >> perfecto. >> mientras tanto voy a ver que podemos hacer con respecto a la declaración de andrés duarte, porque si va a ser muy importante para condenar a leoncio. >> gracias licenciado, muchas gracias. >> bueno, bueno, los dejo, tengo que regresar a la notaría. >> lo acompaño. >> supongo que tú también tienes que descansar daniel. >> si. >> muchas emociones en
Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
tradition is creating some unpleasant consequences. it's a large mass of garbage created by revelers which usually end up bobbing in the water throughout this long night. officials say almost a million krathongs are left behind after the festival each year in bangkok alone. >> translator: thais use the rivers to carry away all the bad things. as a result, there's always a large amount of garbage left over. >> reporter: to help to solve problem, state agencies are asking people to share a krathong with family or friends or make them out of natural materials. another increasingly popular option is the use of biodegradable materials such as bread. >> translator: many people are choosing bread krathongs nowadays. they are environmentally friendly, and the fish love them. >> reporter: the more technologically sophisticated can celebrate the festival online. visitors to this website can choose their favorite krathong, then add their name and wish. they can launch their krathong on this virtual river. >> any kind of real krathong will always affect the environment. the online version is cleaner a
Dec 30, 2012 1:35am EST
. celebrity power lawyers. the man behind tom cruise's quickie divorce settlement and revelations about the agreement with katie. >> it's not necessarily the negotiations that were difficult. >> a "twilight" star tied to the tracks braving an oncoming train. >> it was frightening. >> why this photographer is putting the stars in danger. >> clear up, clear! >> now from hollywood, the "weekend insider" is on. >> our special on those members of celebrity inner circles. i'm kevin frazer. >> i'm debbie matenopoulos. they have lawyers, make-up artists and body doubles. the woman behind some of j. lo's best moves. it's her choreographer and she gives me a dance lesson. it's this weekend's "inside story." she is like, well, how about we blend the idea of
Dec 28, 2012 6:30pm EST
schwarzkopf was a revelation, a charismatic combat commander who rose out of the ashes of his own and the country's disillusionment after vietnam. the nickname applied to both his fightin fighting and management style as he once told "60 minutes." >> i said, listen, i wear my heart squarely on my sleeve. if i don't like something, there's going to be no doubt in your mind they don't like it, and if i like something, there will be no doubt in your mind they like it. >> reporter: he routed saddam hussein's army, first with an air war for which he provided the soundtrack. >> the simple fact of the matter is now every time an iraqi airplane takes off the ground, it's running away. >> reporter: then with the ground war which sent saddam's troop spies mad retreat. >> as far as saddam hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist nor is he schooled in the operational art nor is he a tactician nor is he a general nor is he a soldier. other than that, he's a great military man. i want you to know that. ( laughter ). >> reporter: when schwarzkopf accepted the iraqi surrender
Dec 19, 2012 4:00pm PST
expect more revelations? >> we can expect more. a dozen or more involved in one way or another, and u.b.s. was working in concert with a number of brokers, so this is a huge scandal, and so far we have only had the dell's from two banks -- barkley's and u.b.s. and -- had details from two banks -- barclays and u.b.s.. what we thought was a scandalous tale, u.b.s. is making it look like nothing, so who knows what might be coming next? >> we hear a lot of jargon, but what does this mean for us? what impact does it have on our ability to get mortgages and car loans and things like that? >> basically none. the manipulations were small. traders would make for a rate go up or down a bit, just a few hundredths of a percentage point. that could make millions of dollars in trading. , so what they did is they made your mortgage a little bit more cheaper or a little more expensive. it probably even out. in the end there was a systemic attempt to lower interest rates, so if you were a borrower you probably got the best deal. the people who got the worst deal were the people who were investing money. >
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am EST
-bum. >>> tonight an estimated one million revelers are expected to gather in times square to ring in the new year. and as with any high-profile gathering of this size, security on as high alert to make sure tonight's massive event goes off without a hitch. wendy gillette is live in times square with more on those preparations. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, good morning, veronica. as you can see, it's still quiet in times square. the traffic is still flowing. we're at 48th street and 7th avenue. as you can see, there are barricades set up here and all over times square to help control the crowds when they start showing up in just a couple of hours. [ cheers ] >> reporter: more than 2,000 pounds of confetti are in place. >> beautiful! >> that looks fantastic. >> reporter: ready to be thrown by hand from buildings in times square at midnight. >> i've seen it on tv, and it looks like so much fun with the concerts and the excitement in the air with so many people. >> it's magic. everybody in the world wants to come to new york for new year's. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands
Dec 14, 2012 4:30am PST
. >>> a stunning revelation about john mcafee. the public hoax he pulled. >>> two mexican police officers are under arrest as they allegedly stole items from the crash site where jenni rivera's plane went down. unspecified items were found at the homes of two police officers. government authorities also found images of the crash site on the phone of one of the officers including pictures of body parts and personal do you remembers. >>> late last night fans waited outside long beach airport as the plane carrying her remains landed late last night. the small crowd greeted family members with applause. >>> the oregon shopping mall that was the scene of a mass shooting will reopen this morning. a man and a woman died and a teenager was severely injured when investigators say jacob tyler roberts opened fire. he then killed himself. his aunt is speaking out about what happened. tammy roberts raised jacob after his mother died of cancer when he was just two years old. she says she has no explanation for what he did. >> never could i imagine him being a part of something like this. every
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